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Documentary Films

Documentary Filmmakers in Manali, Documentary Film Production Houses in Manali. A real life story or topic without any fictional part is a documentary. Building up a documentary is lot of work because it does not involve any fictional part and everything that needs to be shown is real life event covering all possible details so that it becomes interesting for the viewer. There are many things associated with a documentary creation. Writing: A genuinely interesting topic that would throw more light on the said subject is what engages the audience. One needs to do a thorough research on the subject and come up with an interesting tale which is intriguing .Make a skeleton and fill the script which speaks as a story by itself .Remember nothing should look like a fiction else you will lose the value as a documentary. Support : once your story is ready ,you need to plan out the entire thing about how the documentary would come into existence. All the things that you would need to bring the story alive on screen from technical to non technical people who are going to help you achieve it.

Camera rolling: You now need to gather everything and everyone to start your work. Talk to people , record what they say , follow your script and accordingly work on the parts of the story , conduct as many interviews and reviews possible and gather chunks of videos for your reviewing and editing.
Complete the puzzle: After gathering all the videos you would now need to join the pieces to build up you story as per the script. There is quite a possibility that you might have to rewrite certain part of the script due to unforeseen changes or the facts gathered .join the puzzle and what it as a whole. Salad is ready, now work on the dressing and garnishing. Add voice, graphics and music to make the documentary’s heart beat. The Market: Once your piece of art is ready, now is the time to look for the buyers in case you intend to make money out of it. If you already had a sponsor just delivery the thing right away. In case you want to share it free and increase your credibility hit the social networking circuit or submit your work to the International Documentary Association to get recognition for the fine piece of fact recreated.
The world is out there , capture and document it.

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